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ASM 74661 -- Pipeline Corrosion and Cathodic Protection, 3rd Edition

Pipeline Corrosion and Cathodic Protection, Third Edition

Published: 1988
Pages: 166
Price: $90.00

Here is hands-on information for taking measurements and making the calculations necessary for cathodic protection of buried pipe lines.


SOIL RESISTIVITY SURVEYS: Soil Resistivity Units. Two-Terminal Resistivity Determination. Four-Terminal Resistivity Determination. Other Methods. Locating Hot Spots on Bare Lines. Surveys for Ground Beds. Area Surveys. Logarithmic Resistivity Ranges. Summary.

POTENTIAL SURVEYS: Pipe-to-Soil Potentials: Electrodes. Electrode Placement. Pipe Line connection. Surface Potential Survey for Corrosion. Pipe-to-Soil Potential as a Criterion of Cathodic Protection. Other Applications of Pipe-to-Soil Potentials. Other Criteria. Summary.

LINE CURRENTS: Measurement of Line Current in Test Section. Stray-Current Studies. Long-Line Currents. Cathodic Protection Tests. Coating Conductance Measurement. Summary.

CURRENT REQUIREMENT SURVEYS: The Problem: Coated Lines. Principles of Current Requirement Test. Current Sources for Tests. Temporary Ground Beds. Special Conditions. Summary.

RECTIFIER SYSTEMS FOR COATED LINES: General Design Principles. Attenuation Curves. Line Termination. Anode Proximity Effects. Attenuation with Multiple Drain Points. Design Procedure. An Alternate Method. The Economic Balance. Summary.

GROUND BED DESIGN AND INSTALLATION: Design Principles. Disturbing Factors. Field Modification. Installation Methods. High-Silicon Iron Anodes. Steel Anodes. Horizontal Graphite Anodes. Deep Anodes. A Typical Ground Bed Installation. Summary.

GALVANIC ANODES ON COATED LINES: When and Where to Use Magnesium. When and Where to Use Zinc. General System Design. Installation Procedure. Polarization and Final Adjustment. Modification of Process with Experience. Sample Problems. Summary.

HOT SPOT PROTECTION: What Hot Spots Are. Hot Spot Protection. Locating Hot Spots. Anode Selection and Spacing. Field Installation. Field Design. Zinc Anodes in Hot Spot Protection. Installation Details. Supervision and Control. Summary.

STRAY-CURRENT ELECTROLYSIS:Stray Current Corrosion. Sources of Stray Currents. Detection of Stray Current. Remedial Measures. Negative Bus Bonding. Exposure Areas. Potential Surveys. Secondary Exposure. Summary.

INTERFERENCE IN CATHODIC PROTECTION: The Problem. Basic Solutions. Design. Crossing Bonds. Calculation of Bond Resistance. Multiple Bonds. Auxiliary Drainage. Parallel Lines. Radial-Flow Interference. Foreign Lines with Insulating Joints. Summary.

OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE: Importance of Adequate Supervision. Failures in Rectifier-Ground Bed Systems. Failures in Magnesium Anode Systems. Minimum Inspection Schedule for Rectifier-System. Minimum Inspection Schedule for Anodes. Monitor System. Troubleshooting. Summary.

COATING INSPECTION AND TESTING: Construction Inspection. Evaluation of Coating in Place. Coating or Leakage Conductance. Pearson Surveys. Accelerated Coating Tests. Summary. Appendix A: Fundamentals of Corrosion. Appendix B: Cathodic Protection of Steel in Soil. Appendix C: Corrosion of Steel in Soil. Appendix D: Attenuation Equations. Index.

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