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CHETAH-9.0 - ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation - CHETAH Version 9.0

ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation - CHETAH Version 9.0

CD-ROM - Published: 2009 - Code: DS51F
Price: $897.00

INCLUDES CD-ROM with User's Manual

The latest version of the CHETAH® program is a vital resource for predicting both thermochemical properties and certain reactive chemical hazards associated with a pure chemical, a mixture of chemicals, or a chemical reaction. CHETAH® is useful for classifying materials for their ability to decompose with violence, estimating heats of reaction or combustion, and for predicting certain flammability properties such as lower flammable limits and limiting oxygen concentrations. It also conveniently and accurately calculates several important properties such as ideal gas heat capacity, enthalpy of formation, entropy, and Gibbs free energy of formation.

CHETAH® not only predicts potential hazards, but is widely used in the reactive chemicals evaluation programs of personnel responsible for ensuring safe operations at research, process development, and manufacturing sites

New features of Version 9.0 include:
• Highest calculation temperature increased from 1500 K to 4000 K
• Default ideal gas entropy method provides values for most cases missing entropy values. This makes possible predictions of ideal gas Gibbs Free Energies for more cases.
• Adiabatic temp-rise calculation for decomposition reactions useful as an energy release evaluation hazard predictor.
• Images for almost all ideal gas Benson group ring corrections.
• Database of about 900 common species in aqueous solution included for purposes of inclusion in chemical reaction calculations. The thermodynamic table option is also available for aqueous species.
• Database of liquid and solid Benson groups included for condensed phase thermo property predictions.
• Database for ideal gas Benson groups expanded to include 965 groups and is the largest ideal Benson group known to exist. 82 groups were added since Version 8.0 of CHETAH.
• And more!

Unlike CHETAH® 8.0, this version of CHETAH® will work with the Microsoft VISTA operating system.

CHETAH® will be useful to :
Laboratory personal and manufacturers working with reactive chemical hazards
Chemists and chemical engineers who must safely prepare, use, store, or dispose of hazardous compounds
Organizations that assess the safety of processes with reference to reactive chemicals and flammability
University chemical engineering departments conducting research

Bonus: Conveniently packaged with CHETAH® 9.0 is the current version of the Chemical Reactivity Worksheet by NOAA. This chemical database includes reactivity information for more than 6000 common hazardous chemicals. Virtually "mix" chemicals to find out what dangers could arise. Select chemicals from the database by name or by using their CAS numbers and add them to the mixture.


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