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NFPA 1123 Code for Fireworks Display

NFPA 1123
Code for Fireworks Display

Published: 2010
Status: Active

Current Edition: 2010    Next Edition: 2014

Provide public and operator safety around outdoor fireworks with the 2010 NFPA 1123.

Everyone involved with pyrotechnics for outdoor fireworks display -- event and venue managers, enforcing officials, insurance professionals, and display operators -- needs the latest safety requirements and recommendations in NFPA 1123: Code for Fireworks Display.

Don't let celebrations turn into tragedies. NFPA 1123 presents the new rules based on recent fire and injury experience.

The 2010 edition provides comprehensive coverage of:

  • Construction, handling, and use of fireworks and equipment intended for outdoor fireworks display, and the general conduct and operation of the display
  • Recommended permit regulations
  • Recommended regulations for state certification of display operators
  • Revisions include updated definitions, clarified construction and location of ready boxes, revised rules applicable to the angling of mortars, and revised procedures for handling aerial shells or devices that do not fire during the display.

Make sure all the bases are covered.

Trust NFPA 1123 for vital information, including a chapter with requirements for the operation of a display from rooftops, other structures, and limited egress locations. (Softbound, Approx. 42 pp., 2010)

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